We specialise in professional valuation services for the leisure sector. Examples include:

  • camp sites
  • bungalow parks
  • marinas
  • golf courses
  • zoos
  • theme parks
  • swimming pools, sport and wellness centres

These businesses are often combined with amenities such as restaurants and other catering services.


Work area

We provide our services throughout the Netherlands, covering individual commercial property or complexes of properties.


Certification and memberships

Kruidenier possesses the following certificates and (personal) memberships:

Registered Valuer, registered in the Living and Commercial Property chamber of the NRVT (Dutch Registry for Property Valuers) with a Corporate Property annotation (for objects with a market value > 5 million Euro)

RICS Registered Valuer

Registered Estate Agent in VastgoedCert (quality register for estate agents)

Member of the NVM (the Dutch Association of Estate Agents)

TEGoVA Recognised European Valuer (REV).

Kruidenier acts in accordance with the international valuation standards (known as IVS or EVS) and the NRVT regulations when performing professional valuation services.


Valuations based on commercial potential

When reporting on the value of commercial exploitation property, the key focus is on commercial potential and profitability. We utilise the so called income approach in this process. This may involve income for personal use, for investment purposes or for property development.

What distinguishes exploitation property is its dedicated use. Given its obvious public function, there is little or no option for alternative use. The value of such a property is inextricably linked to the reasonably feasible returns an owner can expect or realise. In addition to the legal aspects concerning leasehold or ownership, a company’s assets (inventory) are also included in the market value (going concern).


Specific knowledge

We possess many years of experience in this specific sector and have built up a rich portfolio. Due to our many years of experience we are completely au fait with the factors influencing this niche market and this type of property.

This is why we often work for:

  • banks; for securities and financing decisions
  • owners; regarding selling or purchasing, or transfers within the family
  • accountants; for balance sheet purposes
  • local councils and other parties; for decision-making purposes

Our RICS and REV accreditations mean that our services are guaranteed to meet the specific economic and social requirements for valuations.


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