About us

Henk-Jan Kruidenier has been involved full-time in recreational commercial property since 2006. As an estate agent and valuer, he has acquired ample knowledge and experience in the leisure sector. He specialises in the sale of camp sites, recreation parks, group accommodation and development sites for leisure bungalows, as well as investment property.

Kruidenier’s chief specialism centres on valuing daytime recreational enterprises and recreational accommodation companies. Daytime recreational property includes theme parks, golf courses, zoos, sauna and wellness companies, swimming pools and sports facilities. These are exploitation properties, demanding ample experience and specialist property knowledge to ensure a superior quality service.

“As a valuer I aim for transparent, objective and well executed valuations. A valuation’s quality is key. In-depth knowledge of this niche sector is certainly a prerequisite. Therefore I operate across the entire width of the market, offering consultancy, property transactions and valuation. This is how I acquired a thorough understanding of this niche sector.”

An independent and objective assessment is vital when safeguarding a premier quality service. Clients can rely on us to act with integrity, supported by personal membership of the RICS. Henk-Jan Kruidenier is registered as a valuer in the Living and Commercial Property register, with a Corporate Property annotation, in the NRVT (Dutch register for Property Valuers) register. He is also registered as a Recognised European Valuer (REV) at TEGoVA via his membership of the NVM (the Dutch Association of Estate Agents).

Supported by these registrations and accreditations, clients can rely on:

  • A valuer with a proven track record and up-to-date competent skills
  • Permanent safeguarding of the public interest through continuing education
  • Strict adherence to rules of behaviour and code of conduct.