Accommodation recreation

Kruidenier Recreational Property and Valuation specialises in exploitation property in the leisure sector. We provide professional valuation services for commercial property in leisure accommodation.

There are over 5,000 recreational accommodation locations in the Netherlands, including:

  • Camp sites
  • Group accommodation
  • Bungalow parks

Camp sites are regularly sold on as commercial businesses to include current staff, licenses and assets. The exploitation side of the business calls for specialist knowledge of the market as a whole. Kruidenier mediates when purchasing and selling material assets and share transactions. We possess ample experience in transactions as well as in the valuation of this specific type of exploitation property.

We valuate for clients such as banks, accountants, recreational property investors and owners.

Do you need a valuation for financing purposes? Are you seeking advice on the purchase or sale of your company? Or do you want to transfer your business within the family? Please contact us.

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  • Property
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